Here are some ideas, though the game isn't being worked on.

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Here are some ideas, though the game isn't being worked on.

Postby Dube McBomb » 22 Jan 2020, 5:17 am

I am gonna begin this with a question.
Can Kritz keep working on the game? I mean, it will probably still barely be updated but at least we will get more content, even if it is updated once a year or once every two years, I will still be happy.
I even have some ideas!
To get boxes, you gotta order them, there's a small screen outside with a big blue button labeled "ORDER SUPPLIES" and underneath, in small text it says 10 money, which I will now refer to as Unspecified Money Names. To order supplies, you gotta press the button, pressing the button removes 10 Unspecified Money Names from the weird plate thing in the front (that looks nothing like a cash register) that you put the cash on. The button has a cooldown of 30 seconds and delivers 3 boxes at a time, one is always ingredients, one is always buns, and the third is either buns or ingredients.
Another idea would be the Manager role, the host of a server is the manager, they always have a character with a black suit, the manager's role is to.. well.. manage the place. You can pay workers which shows a counter in the corner of their screen saying how much Unspecified Money Names they've got, the maximum you can get is 100 at a time, Unspecified Money Names are taken from the register (or plate thing at the front) and serves as a token of gratitude for whoever gets money, managers can "Fire" players, which is just a fancy way of saying "You're kicked from the server" and you can also "Ban" them, which bans them from the server, these appear as two messages that appear when holding shift and clicking a player, they say: "Press T to fire the player and Y to ban them", the message goes away on its own and the kick/ban option in the options (i think it was) menu when entering the server as a host and pressing Escape are gone, the last thing they can do is make another person Co-manager, which gives them the ability to pay players in cash and they also get the cool black suit, but they can't "Fire" players. Co-managers can only pay players 50 Unspecified Money Names.
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