Mac version

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Mac version

Postby ThePoKyFace » 09 May 2015, 1:28 am

So, I wanted to play this game for so long, i finally got a computer but it was a mac, I was going to the site, clicked "Citizen Burger Disorder", and then i was like "O_O, FINALLY !" and then the result : the game is extremely dark, i can't grab with my two hands because the mac mouse has like one button...,but luckily there was settings for the mouse to have two buttons (left click and right click ) but it didn't work... i still can't grab things with my two hands ( because the mouse has one button and i can't click on the at the same time ), its impossible to see because its so freakin' dark, it is so dark i can't see anything !!...

HOLY CRAP ITS SO DARK !!!!! And then i realized that this game wasn't for Mac...

So please can you make a Mac version of this game ? Oh and btw, do I have good grammar ? Because I thought i had good grammar...

Here's some screenshots of the darkish problem... : PS: The last one is the darkest... "that was she said"
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Re: Mac version

Postby SpeedDeHedgehog » 21 May 2015, 10:24 pm

DUDE. I have a mac and things are going fine for me. is your brightness low? press F2 or F6 to fix the darkness. The one hand only thing... yeah, though it's not bothering my play experience. I like to pretend it's hard mode.
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