Restaurant Level-Ups!

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Restaurant Level-Ups!

Postby Villager103 » 02 Nov 2014, 1:11 am

Hello! I am Villager103, player of Citizen Burger Disorder and I also perform open heart surgery running down the hospital corridors as a side job.
Anyway, a level up system would be great.

This is how it works:
You need to get 100 XP to level up.
XP Table:
Serving a burger: +10 XP
Serving a burger with undercooked ingredients: -10
Serving a burger with overcooked/burnt ingredients: -5
Serving a burger with rats: -15
Dropping an ingredient on the floor: -1

Each time you level up, your XP will reset back to 0, and you will need to get 100 XP to level up again.
Every time you level up, you will unlock a new feature.
Level 1: Unlock Kitchen Editor(A simple menu that lets you drag and drop various items. Kitchen pieces include:
Counter(normal counter)
Counter Corner(bent counter section)
Inward Counter Corner(inverted bent counter section)
Sink(washes plates)
Grill(cooks stuff)

Level 2: Unlock Chicken Patties
Chicken Patties are 1/3 types of patties. They start light brown, and cook to dark brown.(Because they are crumbed) You cannot use these as a replacement for other patty types.

Level 3: Unlock Drink Dispenser
You can use drink dispensers to make drinks. Some orders will have a drink next to the burger. You can place the dispenser with the Kitchen Editor. There are many drinks to choose from, and a tube that spawns disposable cups.
These are the drinks:
Orange Juice(for the kids)
Raspberry Soda

Level 4: Unlock Dumpster
You can use these to dispose of empty boxes and used cups.
Every 5 minutes, a garbage truck will come to empty the dumpster. This could also prevent lots of lag in the servers.

Level 5: Unlock Fries and Deep Fryer
Potatoes will come with the produce boxes. You can put them through a little grater over the fryer to make french fries. All chips will pop out of the top of the fryer, and you can put them into little disposable french fry containers. Place the fryer with the kitchen editor. Fry boxes will also appear next to the burger when an order shows up. Fry boxes will also spawn next to the fryer.

Level 6: Unlock Fish Patties
These are pale white patties that cook to a gray color. These can't be used as a substitute for other patties.

Level 7: Unlock Condiments
The condiment types are:
These come in squeeze bottles and you have to put the bottle over the top of the burger and a red/yellow/white splat will appear.

Level 8: Unlock Drive-Thru
There will be a window at the far side of the building to the left, and you will have to put the burger/other stuff in paper bags and hand it over to the customer. Paper bags will spawn from a small chute. You will not have to dispose of the bags, as you hand the bag with the food over to the customer.

Level 9: Unlock Eggs
Eggs will be little round objects that can break if they hit a surface too hard. When an egg breaks, 4 transparent yellow blobs(egg white) and 1 solid yellow blob(egg yolk) make sure the egg white and yolk fall onto a frypan on top of a stove(place in kitchen editor) and in a few seconds, the egg white will become a bright white color, and you can pick the yolk and white up as a whole, and put it on burgers.

Level 9 is max level. Maybe you could suggest some more below! Okay, back to corridor running!
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Re: Restaurant Level-Ups!

Postby William617 » 10 Nov 2014, 8:53 am

Level 10:
Self-serve soda machine
Peanuts(come in bags like the boxes)
More complicated burgers with more variety
100 burgers!
You get a black hat aka promotion
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Re: Restaurant Level-Ups!

Postby tommyawesome7 » 22 Jan 2015, 11:12 am

level 11: you can mess with the customers

fart: will stun the customer and will give more money because he lost his mind
whoopie cushion: its a whoopie cushion it makes all customers pay money to see again
soak: take a fire extinguaher to blast at the customer and make all his money fall on the floor
grill: push them on the grill and guess what free meat
fire: will make the customer run away so you have less orders so you can handle the place
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