Tofu Burgers & Special NPCS

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Tofu Burgers & Special NPCS

Postby RandomGamers » 09 Apr 2015, 11:13 am

Now I randomly started thinking and I though Special NPCS and Tofu Burgers

Tofu Burgers: The Vegetarian Npcs (Mentioned Later) Can Choose A Tofu Burger Every Thing As Original Burgers Just With White Pattie Cubes That Don't Need To Be Cooked!

Special NPCS

Vegetarian:They Would Choose Any Burger With The Meat Replaced By Tofu That Does Not To Be Cooked!

Employees:Who Ever Started The Server Could Choose To Hire Them Or No.If Hired They Work For You But They Are Slow. If No They Will Order Then Leave With A Sad Face.

Cannibal:They Will Order Rat Burgers...Yup That's It....

Kritz Himself:Maybe At A 5% Chance Kritz Would Come And Order A Burger!

The Best Of All....YOU!!!:That's Right You Could Order Burgers (Also Tofu Burgers As Mentioned Before) And Leave Up To 5 To 10 Dollars!

Any Other Suggestions?Let Me Know!
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Re: Tofu Burgers & Special NPCS

Postby Hugoww » 25 Oct 2015, 5:43 pm

Tofu? meh, and also, how is it a "cannibal" if he eats rats, and not humans?, cannibals are humans that eat humans, not rats
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