Gotta mop the floors yo (PICTURES)

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Gotta mop the floors yo (PICTURES)

Postby GuyWithATaco » 19 Mar 2015, 1:24 pm

k, so you've got this new kitchen, noice and clean floor.


But then things start happenin...a sausage fell, your meat went off the burner, the lettuce, the tomato, it's all falling down!


And a box broke! the burgers are exploding! Mice everywhere! Some guys bowtie!


But no need to fear! Mop is here!

Your mop can come in a bucket by the sink. Now, you've a lot of stuff on the floor, why don't you clean it up? Dip your mop (pronounced mawp) into the bucket and you're ready to go! As you sweep and wipe your mop across the ground, the items it hits will disappear.

I don know nuttin bout how games work, but I'm sure with less the mess, less the lag too!

Mice are annoying, and with your mop, you would have to worry less. #nomice4days #mopisthetop


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