Some Ideas,

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Some Ideas,

Postby Austin_the_person » 07 Mar 2015, 5:17 am

I have many ideas for upcoming updates, and other ideas.
1. There should actually be like a save, so you don't have to restart without your money.
2. You should start out with a little place, then once you get enough money you but more room, such as more tables, bigger parking lot, etc..
3. The owner of the place should be able to assign people jobs in the menu, for example: The option menu should be a like Back, Assign positions, Fire (Instead of Kick/Ban) And once you press the assign Positions you should be able to be like a list of names you click one name and it says "Would you like (The name) to be a waiter, a cook, the buss boy, Etc...
4. Instead of a giant screen there should be like a clothes line type thing above of the counter and the cook area, the waiter takes the order, puts it on that line, the cook takes it, puts it above the supplies, and can see the picture of the sandwich.
5. This is one of my favorites, When I play citizen burger disorder, I get mixed up with which table I was taking the order to, so along with the idea of 4, the ticket of the order should be placed on it, so you know where you are going.
6. I want to be able to set the price of my burgers, and the price goes along with how many people will show up to eat.
7. I want to name the place, so it can be more realistic.
8. there should be opening and closing time, so they don't have to sit there and cook.
9. This is another Money idea, You can buy advertisement all over the city, and the more you buy advertisement and upgrades to your place, the more people shows up.
10. a drive through, there should be a phone, if you click it you order supplies, if it starts ringing then you can answer it, then write down what they order.
11.There should be a storage room, The boxes are too easy to destroy, so you need the truck to give you your supplies by driving through this garage type thing and putting them on shelves, the more money you spent on the garage the more supplies you can store, the boxes are too easy to open, so they bust before you can do anything about it, so you need like a box opener type knife to open it, instead of karate chopping it.
12, There needs to be a trash can, You don't want a bunch of open boxes just out there and opened, it would look weird.
13. My final one, We should actually have AIs, working for you, say you don't like people showing up into your game and throw everything on the floor and get you mad. What would be awesome is if say you want someone that actually does what they are told, (Through the chat menu) You have one "Help wanted" sign and can put it up as many times as you want, when you do this every in-game day (when it opens and after it closes = 1 day) you get like 3 or 4, like for each job, its like. Name=Jake What position do you want=Cooking, How skilled are you, (It depends on how big your place is before it gets to like a 9 or 10) Then if you don't want a cook then you deny it or keep it till you want one. Then another one pops up with a different job like a waiter or something.
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