Special NPC Characters

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Special NPC Characters

Postby DerpKy » 11 Dec 2014, 9:25 pm

This game is just a normal burger joint, regular customers just go the restaurant everyday, cook their meal, get the payment and the customers leave. My suggestion now is, there should be customers/people coming in to your restaurant (rarely, i suppose) who has a different attitude/personality. For example Rich guy, The Inspector and even the hobo at the back. I have a few suggestions for these guys.

Rich Guy
This person will wear a tux (black/pink) because why not? He is very impatient tho so you'll have to act fast. He Always ALWAYS need cheese on his burger. If you don't have any cheese, you better order some cheese. In the end of the day, he will tip you double cash! How cool is that?

She is basically a grandma wearing what they wear. She is unfortunately to slow eating so it'll take time for her to finish the meal.

Roman Warrior
Looks like a warrior appeared at your restaurant wearing his roman suit. Is it time to hide in the kitchen? nope. you have to cook his meal, 2 times. that means he'll order twice. It may be tough but at the end of the day, he'll give you huge loot or even a Rare monster hat( I hope the hat suggestion happens :) )

The inspector is here and ready to rate your food, he is obviously gonna order a deluxe one. He is not gonna give any payments tho but he gives you 5 stars!

Have you seen the hobo outside the restaurant? yeah well, he just came inside the restaurant. He only orders bugers with rats on it. literally. Even when he's done eating he just takes the plate with him and runs off! Shame on him.


Guy from the future
How is this even impossible? A guy just showed up from the future with his police box outside. He is impatient aswell but the good thing about this character is that he can speed up the order truck. He just give regular payment btw, nothing special

Event Characters
Every event should have a character coming in your restaurant. Could it be Santa? Since christmas is here? or the easter bunny,leprechaun or even Uncle Sam. They will give great items such as huge money or even the hats.

P.S i'll try to add pictures!
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Re: Special NPC Characters

Postby Hunter3527 » 04 Feb 2015, 12:28 pm

What about a Kid?
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Re: Special NPC Characters

Postby Hunter3527 » 07 Feb 2015, 5:10 pm

OMG!!! IVE HAD FOUND 1 NEW NPC ITS SUPER SUPER RARE!!!11 a guy with red checkered shirt Ive got scared and excited i cant bileve ive seen it!
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