Some suggest

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Some suggest

Postby kurodax » 21 Oct 2014, 3:24 am

I play this game a long time with my friends and we having fun, the game are great. But there something i think it will make the game better

- The top of the burger always excess, and the bottom of the burger is short, same thing with the meat and bacon, after play for while stuff getting mess up because of this.

- Please dont make the cargo car go automatic, maybe put a switch on it.

- Add AI when someone is AFK, maybe it do something simple like clean the dishes or arrange stuff

- Manager mode. The person who open the server will be the manager, he is the one who keep things around and pay money for the workers. Make the account more useful, not just a thing to login. You need money to open a server, to buy stuff. Example, you need to give about 200$ to open a server and that money will use to run the restaurant, profit or losses is up to the manager. People can join a manager mode server to earn money as worker too, the salary depend on the manager.
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Re: Some suggest

Postby EfrenJohn » 21 Oct 2014, 9:28 am

i love it! Especially the manager mode, i think its clever...
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