Create timing gameplay w/ art

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Create timing gameplay w/ art

Postby stripedlovedrugs » 25 Nov 2015, 11:06 pm
Atm the easiest strategy in the game is to cook everything all at once and then make the burgers, I think a way of making the game more realistic and fun would be food spoiling after a certain time to prevent this, as well customers becoming impatient waiting for food. Due to making food in the game being enjoyably difficult, adding a time limit would be an interesting and fun design. As well tons of other elements to make the game stressful, burglars, rat infestation, and even fires spreading. Game could have a days leveling system in which each day more burgers and problems come into play.
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Re: Create timing gameplay w/ art

Postby Molester Stallone » 26 Nov 2015, 12:13 am

Fire is already a thing. If you leave something on the stove for too long, it'll start burning. Anything near the burning object will catch fire.
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