Putting anything on burgers.

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Putting anything on burgers.

Postby Thunder1155 » 31 Aug 2015, 2:35 am

They would still eat it. In the game, rats are invincible, I've cooked them, set them on fire and drowned them. They stop moving when drowned, but once you put them in a place where their AI activates, they run away. I think it would be funny to be able to cook them and feed them to the customers, the customers already eat almost everything(You can burn stuff or not cook things, they eat them, you can also give the wrong order), excluding money, rats, boxes, people, and extinguishers. I think that we should be able to put all of that stuff on burgers, except for people because I have only been able to put one on the grill once, to make the game more fun. I'm sure the customers would love to eat those things.
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