Citizen Burger Disorder BETA (16+ Paint)(Updated! 9/23/2016)

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Citizen Burger Disorder BETA (16+ Paint)(Updated! 9/23/2016)

Postby Villager-lover » 18 May 2016, 11:31 pm


You take the pickle hamburger slices and you place them on the burger! A whole new ingredient to burgs!

More skins! Made by the outstanding MS paint...cause why not.

New orders!!! This will give some more insight on pickles being in burgers as well.

1) Bottom bun, patty, cheese, 2 bacon strips, 2 pickles, top bun.
2) Bottom bun, patty, cheese, lettuce, 2 pickles, top bun.
3) Bottom bun, patty, lettuce, patty, lettuce, top bun.
4) Bottom bun, patty, 2 bacon strips, lettuce, 2 tomatoes, cheese, pickles, top bun. (The one-of-everything-burger!)
5) Bottom bun, patty, 2 tomatoes, cheese, 2 pickles, top bun.
6) Bottom bun, patty, 2 pickles, bottom bun, patty, 2 pickles, cheese, top bun.
7) Bottom bun, patty, cheese, top bun. *Lame burger I know but there are picky people in the world*
8) Bottom bun, 2 pickles, patty, cheese, lettuce, 2 tomatoes, top bun.

Female skins! I couldn't help but notice that there seemed to be a lack of female skins. So here they are!

Now you can tell who's the manager! (Host)

Holy macro! FRENCH FRIES!!!!!!!!!!
Okay so here's how I think it would be best to make french fries with the current version:

I know Kritz really wants to include a knife for chopping lettuce. So...why not give the knife another use as well?
Introducing potatoes!!
A new item called Potatoes would look like a normal uncooked potato (Like the one being held in the guy's hand). There's a deep fryer in between the space of the dishes room and the grill (That little gap)
You can place potatoes in the deep fryer whole to fry the potato until it turns a deep dark brown (Like the two next to the knife). Next you take your cooked potato, and use the knife and chop chop chop until you got your fries! And the final step is to place the cut fries into the little red french fry holders (Next to the two cooked potatoes).
So...yeah! fries. Mmmmm good

But how will you know when french fries are wanted by the customer?
Well just look at the menu!

In the corner of every box screen is a smaller box. When orders are made, if the customer wants fries, then that smaller box will show an icon of french fries. Just make fries for them and they'll enjoy it for suuuure. (If they're being weird and just want a burger, then the box will remain blank)

Oh yeah and the customers will tell you as well if you wanna specify.
Here you go sir :3

I'm debating if it should be between ranking (as in the more orders you serve, the more hats you unlock) or if it's just a custom thing.
From Left to Right:
Normal red hat, Upgraded yellow hat, Burger hat, random white headband, Burger top hat based from that amazing list of fun burgers to make made by BobbyBobinson, thanks bro :,), AND A POINTY HAT!! I LIKE POINTS!!

Now there's an alternate to burgers. The new chicken patty!
There's not alotta differences. It's just...a new type of patty. Chicken. Not beef. You cook it up on the grill and make the orders at will. Chicken patties are sorta golden-brownish and oddly shaped

Chicken patties got their own burgs too. Of course.
1) Bottom bun, Chicken Patty, Cheese, Lettuce, top bun
2) Bottom bun, chicken patty, lettuce, 2 pickles, top bun
3) Bottom bun, chicken patty, 2 pickles, cheese, lettuce, top bun
4) Bottom bun, 2 tomatoes, chicken patty, 2 bacon strips, top bun
5) Bottom bun, patty, cheese, bottom bun, chicken patty, cheese, lettuce, 2 pickles, top bun
6) Bottom bun, chicken patty, 2 pickles, cheese, 2 tomatoes, top bun
7) Bottom bun, patty, 2 tomatoes, lettuce, chicken patty, 2 pickles, cheese, 1 bacon strip, top bun (The even more everything burger!!)
8) Bottom bun, chicken patty, cheese, lettuce, 2 tomatoes, top bun

I know we need a garbage disposal for this game so I decided to make art on it. Here it is


So it's been a while since I last posted. But I can't forget about this place. So onward!

We should have take-out bags! Currently, they appear purple with a question mark on it because the restaurant does not have a confirmed symbol yet.
What do they do?
Well sometimes, a customer wants their food to go. There will be a specific to-go-line somewhere at the front.
Somewhere in the space of the kitchen, there should be stacks of bags. Also they should be able to come in their own boxes that get paired with trays as well.
It seems like a nice thing to have around, since most fast food places have to-go stuff.

Here is the To-Go-line in the case the kitchen doesn't get a remake. This is sorta how I pictured it. For now, I think there should only be a max of 3 people in the line considering the amount of space available. Customers in these lines leave faster than the ones that wait at their tables.

Here is how to use To-Go-Bags:
All you have to do is take one, air it out (wave the bag around wildly while holding it), and it turns into an open bag. Place burgers/fries into it when they have not been put on a tray. Hand it to the customer in the waiting line, and customers will pay more money than usual.

On a completely different note, the boxes. Doesn't it even seem like a bit of a hassle to get boxes mixed up?
We should be able to know what's in the boxes before we open them. So I was thinking, how about when you approach an idle box (not being interacted with), then a thought bubble pops up of what the box contains? I just feel it'd be easier.

Speaking of boxes, all of these ideas need to be categorized how about this?
-Trays,To-Go-Bags, Knives, and French Fry Holders.
-Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese, Pickles, Potatoes
-Uncooked patty, Uncooked chicken patty, Uncooked bacon
-Top & Bottom buns

Introducing Miscellaneous Mason!.
Now when you order delivery, Miscellaneous Mason is here to provide you your non-food products such as extra trays, to-go-bags, knives, and french fry holders! Rock on Mason.

Now wait a minute. Where is everything going to go? With all these new ideas, surely there must be a place for them to spawn. Well I took the liberty of remaking the kitchen-spawn equipment stuff. Have a look.
Uncooked chicken patties spawn next to the normal uncooked patties. Heads of lettuce spawn instead of slices, and pickles go right next to the tomatoes.

As you can see, the fryer is next to the grill, used for fries. And now there's another counter top right beneath the wall of text. That will hold to-go-bags, potatoes, and fry holders. Also a knife spawns on that small counter next to that grill for chopping lettuce and potatoes.
Pretty self-explanatory.

Does anyone else get annoyed that the new fire hoses are always on counter tops taking up valuable space?
How about we fix that?
We should give the fire hoses a mounted place on the wall next to the back door. If you need them, just take it off the sticky square thingy.
If you're done using it, you can place it back on the wall where the sticky square thingy is. It's good to have around so that I don't waste space when I cook burgers.
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Re: OVER TEN MS PAINT IDEAS! (Updated! 5/26/16)

Postby mucho_dinero » 20 Jul 2016, 5:54 pm

These are good! They should be added.
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Re: Citizen Burger Disorder BETA (16+ Paint)(Updated! 9/23/2

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I agree
but you know

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