A few suggestions about burgers/etc! :D

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A few suggestions about burgers/etc! :D

Postby PenguinPug » 22 Jun 2015, 1:15 pm

So, since I have had many ideas the past few days, I will list them here!

- Rat workers
basically, you get the point. Maybe, outside of the thing, make rat pens where we can feed and make rats our workers? I thought it would be a funny thing, because this is a silly game.

- Eat them burgers!
where you can eat the burgers, even as an employee!

- The real playa
Custom player models that we can make ourselves! But, I'm a little worried for that idea, because of how many bad things there would be. So maybe a switch where we can switch of certain people's models, and a switch that can turn them off in general?

- Who is this?
a button we can click that shows the amount of people that are actually in the game and who they are

- Last but not least, robbers
people who rob your money, but if you have rat workers, they will defend your cash register. My hero!
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