Work Time & Shifts

I will take posts 110% more seriously if they contain dumb mspaint drawings of the idea

Work Time & Shifts

Postby SpeedDeHedgehog » 21 Apr 2015, 5:21 pm

Basically the Close/Open mixed with Free Roam and Houses. I was thinking, "Maybe I should have time to rest. Maybe go home, see my kids (no not in real life, in the game) spend time with them." Thats one way this forum post was created. It was also based on The Escapists where there are time blocks and specific places you have to be depending on said time block. Another thing is that there should be night/day cycle and 24-hour option. Where different workers can work different shifts. For exaple: Bob & Dan work Morning to noon. Mike & Rick work noon to midnight etc. (of course for servers with lots of players) Also there should be individual homes for players. They could also order from home (yep, deliveries suggestion too). They could also order burgs from the restaurant (FREKING CUSTOMER CHOICE SUGGESTION!!). This is already long. Might add more. I understand if you can't do this. I won't rage on people who don't agree. I'm open on suggestions. I give credit to all the people who made the suggestions in this post.

List of Suggestions used:

Free Roam
Personal Houses (mine)
Shifts & Day/Night Cycle (mine)
Customer Gamemode

Some dumb mspaints. (I use macs so it's called paintbrush)

I have deleted my imgur for the below reasons

These ones are my ideas. I'm not going to try and make a dumb macpaintbrush for other suggestions because you guys can vision it better. Post your pics!

(Oct 29)

Ok. I have realized my wrong. First, this idea is unoriginal, it's just a clump of other peoples ideas. Second, it starys away from the main point of the game, making burgers and getting cash. If this idea (if you could even call it that) was implemented, the game would be more of a first person sims. Third, this 'idea' is a bit specific for use. It has more applications on servers with more people and less applications on servers with less people. If you think "Damn, this is some heavy stuff this guy is going through" then you're right. If the devs do decide to put it in the game then i'm ok with it. It's their decision. And no this is not a scencerity trick to make people feel sad for me and like the idea. I'm certain that this should not go on.
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